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Skills is a way to come up with granular rules around matching processes with users during auto-allocation. Processes get tagged with Required Skills basis the rule configuration and then get matched with users with the exact skills.

Skill Type

To start create a new skill type. For example we can create skill types like

  • language
  • city


Per skill type you can add one or more skills like

  • language - english, spanish, hindi
  • city - Bangalore, Mumbai, San Diego

You can use our rule engine to auto assign skills to processes. For example

  • if customer's language attribute customer_language is English then tag it with lanugage:english skill
  • if customer's product_intereseted is "Credit Card" then tag it with product:credit-card

Skill Level

Along with skill you can also associate a level of skill required from 0 - 10. 10 being the highest and 0 the least. If a certain skill requirement is of a certain level x - then the allocator will find a user with at least that much skill level.

This allows you to create matching in terms of proficiency in a certain skill.