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Notifications can be configured for processes, tasks or records. Notifications are sent out both as app native notifications as well as web notifications.

Notification Config

Valid When

This controls when and what notification to show. You can create a rule that determines the validity of notification for a process. For example

Send a notification to the assignee when a lead is assigned to a user

The way this notification is configured is by defining the validWhen rule with

  • when the lead state is NEW
  • when the assignedTo field is not null

Time Dimension

Notifications can be shown immediately once the notification criteria is satisfied or it can be shown before a certain significant point in time for the given process. This configuration requires you to define a time field for the notification config to watch out for.

For example process notifications can be configured to use the nextActionAt timestamp or the updatedAt timestamp or a datetime data attribute like scheduled_meeting_time

Message Template

Message template needs to be provided for a notification config to be complete. The template has access to the context information so a template can be built by using the contextual data. Example:

Lead {{}} has been converted

The template has 2 parts

  • title - the title of the notification
  • message - the actual message of the notification


Notifications can be generated for a user, all users of a role or all users of a team.

Notifications can also carry navigation urls - for people to click and arrive at a contextual screen/page like a lead details screen.