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Task object captures a single task done or being done by a user. For example calling a lead or navigating to a location on the field can both be modeled as tasks.

At the core of it a task is defined by the following fields


Every task can have one of the following status

  • OPEN
  • CANCELLED When a task is being worked upon its status is OPEN. A task can be created in COMPLETED state - this is what we refer to as logging a task.


data is a json field containing the actual data defining a task instance. the key is either the shortId or the id of the task attribute. all internal apis publish task data as id:value pair while external apis publish data as shortId:value pairs


"primary_disposition": "CALLBACK",
"when_to_callback": 1634025183219,
"first_name": "Cixin",
"last_name": "Liu",
"remarks": "lead wants a callback"


namedata typetype infodescription
idstringuuidid of the task - auto generated
titlestringTitle of the task
descriptionstringdescription for the task
ordernumberorder rank for this task
statusstringcan be either OPEN, COMPLETED or CANCELLED
teamstringuuidid of the team to which this task belongs to
stateTaskstringuuidId of the statetask which defines the schema of this task
taskTypestringtask type
createdBystringuuiduser id of the user who created the task
assignedTostringuuiduser id of the user to whom this task is assigned to
belongsTostringuuidpod id of the pod to which this task belongs to
startsAtnumberepoch msdatetime at which task started at
endsAtnumberepoch msdatetime at which this task ends
dueBynumberepoch msdatetime by which this task needs to be completed
startedAtnumberepoch msdatetime at which the task actually got started
completedAtnumberepoch msdatetime at which task actually got completed
cancelledAtnumberepoch msdatetime at which the task was cancelled
procedurestringuuidid of the procedure to which this task belongs to
taskstringuuidid of the task to which this task is associated with
entitystringuuidid of the entity of the record to which this task is associated to
recordstringuuidid of the record to which task is associated with
formstringuuidid of the form to which this task is associated
membersjsonlist of user ids who are also participants in the task
datajsonid:value json object storing the actual data
derivedDatajsonid:value json object storing the derived data
createdAtnumberepoch mstimestamp at which the task was created
updatedAtnumberepoch mstimestamp at which the task was updated
isDeletedbooleanflag indicating wether this task is deleted or not