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Record object is used to capture stateless data. For example a contact or an SKU Item is modeled as a record object. These are stateless data only used to store some amount of information.

At the core of it a record is defined by the following fields


data is a json field containing the actual data defining a record instance. the key is either the shortId or the id of the record attribute. all internal apis publish record data as id:value pair while external apis publish data as shortId:value pairs


"first_name": "Cixin",
"last_name": "Liu",
"phone_num": "440123000"


namedata typetype infodescription
idstringuuidid of the record- auto generated
entitystringuuidid of the entity which this record belongs to
teamstringuuidid of the team to which this record belongs to
createdBystringuuidUser id of the user who created the record
datajsonid:value json object storing the actual data
derivedDatajsonid:value json object storing the derived data
createdAtnumberepoch mstimestamp at which the record was created
updatedAtnumberepoch mstimestamp at which the record was updated
isDeletedbooleanflag indicating wether this record is deleted or not