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Chakra models are designed to be not only customizable but to conform to the data model of the business usecase. The most granular part of this data model is called an attribute. Think of it as a field in a database table or a column in an excel sheet.

For example lets build a lead Data model with 3 fields name, city, phone_number. Each of these fields are modeled as Attribute in the Chakra system. the data field of a lead object will contain key:value pairs as an json object - each pair representing a single attribute.

This kind of modeling has many advantages

Bring your own data model

You can design processes in Chakra which conforms to your data model

Complex data types

Apart from standard attribute types like string, number and boolean - you can also store complex json, nested attributes, api controlled attributes too.

Efficient data storage and transmission

Complex systems over time can have hundreds and even thousands of attributes per model. This is not a problem as storage is only proportional to what data is being stored and not how many attributes you have.

Attribute Types

Following are a list of attribute types that are supported right now

stringIdstringID field of string datatype
integerIdintegerID field of integer datatype
stringEnumjsonEnum field of string datatype
integerEnumjsonEnum field of integer datatype
floatEnumjsonEnum field of float datatype
multiStringEnumjsonMulti-value Enum field of string datatype
multiIntegerEnumjsonMulti-value Enum field of integer datatype
multiFloatEnumjsonMulti-value Enum field of float datatype
namestringUsed to store names
emailstringused to store emails
phonestringUse this to store phone numbers
photostringAttribute to store photos
multiPhotosstringUsed to store a list of photos
audiostringUsed to store audio data
timeintegerUsed to store just the time information
datetimeintegerStore entire datetime data in epoch milliseconds format
datetimeISO8601stringUsed to store datetime in ISO format
monthOfYearintegerUsed to store month of a year as an integer
jsonjsonUsed to store a json object
geolocationjsonGeolocation coordinates stored as [latitude, longitude] format
recordstringUsed to store a record reference
recordCollectionjsonUsed to store a list of record references
processstringUsed to store a process reference
processCollectionjsonUsed to store a list of process references
taskjsonUsed to store a task reference
taskCollectionjsonUsed to store a list of task references
urlstringUsed to store a url like
usernamestringUsed to store the username of a chakra user
htmljsonUsed to store a html content reference
externalObjectjsonUsed to store an object obtained from an external data source
multiExternalObjectjsonUsed to store a list of object obtained from an external data source
googleAddressjsonUsed to store an address obtained from a google address lookup
customObjectjsonUsed to store a json object with custom defined attributes
multiCustomObjectjsonUsed to store a list of json objects with custom defined attributes
textareastringUsed to store text obtained from a textarea
userstringUsed to store reference to a chakra user
statestringUsed to store reference to a chakra state
otpjsonUsed to store otp captured from the otp attribtue