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Fetch User API (V2)

The following API allows you to fetch a single user.

NOTE: The v2 api response is humanized when compare to v1 response - wherever possible config ids and data are in readable format

Note: All the apis accept api key based token authentication and return data within the wrapper { _data:{}, _meta: {}, _errors:[] }

Fetch by user id

GET /v2/ext/user/<userId>

Following are valid examples of the path

GET /v2/ext/user/a91b5073-e9d4-4959-9fd3-6edf79c2c5a4

Sample Response

"_data": {
"phones": [],
"emails": [
"id": "9763caa1-cef3-497f-b3b2-f551456b2831",
"createdAt": 1631817298108,
"updatedAt": 1631817298108,
"email": "",
"normalizedEmail": "",
"type": "",
"isVerified": false,
"user": "a91b5073-e9d4-4959-9fd3-6edf79c2c5a4"
"id": "a91b5073-e9d4-4959-9fd3-6edf79c2c5a4",
"createdAt": "2021-09-16T18:34:58.108+05:30",
"updatedAt": "2021-09-16T18:34:58.108+05:30",
"username": "johndoe",
"firstName": "John",
"lastName": "Doe",
"middleName": "",
"displayName": "",
"gender": "",
"dob": 0,
"bio": "",
"profileImageUrl": "",
"coverImageUrl": "",
"timezone": "+0530",
"data": null,
"onboardingData": null,
"isActive": true,
"isDeleted": false,
"deletedAt": null,
"availabilityStatus": "AVAILABLE",
"team": "paisapay",
"role": "inside_sales",
"primaryEmail": "",
"primaryPhone": null,
"profile": null,
"reportees": []