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List Process API

The following APIs allow you to query and list processes. Examples of a process are models like: Lead, Ticket, FieldVisit.

Note: All the apis accept api key based token authentication and return data within the wrapper { _data:{}, _meta: {}, _errors:[] }

POST /v1/ext/procedure/<procedureShortId>/process/list

You can find the short id for the procedure from the procedures details page (available in admin)

Following are valid examples of the path

POST /v1/ext/procedure/lead/process/list
POST /v1/ext/procedure/ticket/process/list
POST /v1/ext/procedure/fieldvisit/process/list

Request Body

The API accepts a json request body like

"where": {
"status": "OPEN",
"state": "NEW",
"createdAt": {
">": "2023-09-01T06:27:30+05:30",
"<": "2023-09-10T06:27:30+05:30",
"or": [
"email": "",
"phone_number": "7701214822"
"skip": 0,
"limit": 10

supported keys

whereQuery typea query object
skipintegerhow many process objects to skip, defaults to 0
limitintegermax number of process objects to return. defaults to 10, max is 100

Query Object

Following is the type of the where query object

type Query = {
[key: string]: QueryRHS;
or?: Query[];
and?: Query[];

type QueryRHS = Record<Operator, any> | string | number | string[] | number[];
type Operator = "=" | "!=" | ">" | ">=" | "<" | "<=";

Query keys can be supported process root fields and process attribute shortIds. Supported root fields are

statuscan be one of OPEN, COMPLETED or CANCELLED
statea state short id
createdAtquery by the process createdAt field - should be an ISO timestamp
assignedToquery by the assignedTo field - has to be a username

Response Body

"_data": [...],
"_meta": {
"hasMore": true,

The response body's _data field returns an array of process objects mathcing your list query. The hasMore flag in _meta indicates if there are more process objects available. If set to true you will need to query again with the skip value set to the number of process objects you have already received.