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Bulk Create Process API

The following API allows you to create multiple processes in a single API call. This API is asynchronous - meaning the request is accepted and an acknowledgment is returned while the creates are carried out in the background. Use this API when you have to update 1000s of processes in one go.

Note all the APIs accept API Key based token authentication and return data within the wrapper {_data:{}, _meta: {}, _errors:[]}


curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <your_access_token>' \
--data '[
"lead_id": "EXT-TEST-143",
"data": {
"score": "105"
"lead_id": "EXT-TEST-164",
"data": {
"city": "Goa"
"state": "IN_PROGRESS"


POST /v1/procedure/<procedure-id-or-shortId>/process/bulk-create

Following are valid examples of the path

POST /v1/procedure/7a409cf7-5529-4570-9085-90798d7eb742/process/bulk-create

POST /v1/procedure/tele_sales/process/bulk-create

In the 1st example we have use the procedure id. Whereas in the second example we have used the procedure shortId - tele_sales.

Request Body

In the request body you need to pass a collection of process objects which are to be created. A single process object will be same as for the Create Process API.