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Fetch Config

The following APIs give you access to the internal config. Please note that all the apis accept api key based token authentication and return data within the wrapper {_data:{}, _meta: {}, _errors:[]}


curl --request GET \
--url \
--header 'authorization: Bearer <your_access_token>'

Team Config

GET /v1/config

The config api provides most of the configurations related to the data model like processes, records and tasks. List of config keys:

  • team
  • entities
  • procedures
  • attributeTypes
  • attributes
  • derivedAttributes
  • attributeGroups
  • roles
  • pods
  • taskTypes
  • forms
  • formFields
  • formActionButtons
  • stateTasks
  • userProfiles
  • attributeConfig
  • skillTypes

How to use this config

While interacting Chakra APIs most of the data attributes contain the shortId for the attribute keys to keep them readable like:

"name": "Harish",
"product_id": "uwf09js",
"cost": 100000,

But there will be other fields like procedure, entity, role which contain uuids. For each of these uuids the actual config can be found within the config data returned under the right key.

So schema for procedure: d7783ade-bbbe-4734-afcc-9bc869d8d8a3 can be found in the procedures array returned from the config api.

Users Config

GET /v1/users

This api returns the list of users in the system alongwith their associated email and phones. Information like role or skills are returned as idstheir details can be found in the config API itself.