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Setup a new account

Lets walkthrough how to setup your account in Chakra Campaigns. This walkthrough assumes you have just signed up and have landed on the onboarding page for the first time.

Prior to setting up your account, you will need to complete the following prerequisites:

Setup Account

1. Login into your account

When you login into your account. You should land up on the following onboarding page onboarding page

2. Add a SES Email Plugin

Click on the Add SES Plugin button to add a new SES plugin to your account. This will allow you to configure your SES account with Chakra Campaigns.

SES Plugin

3. Configure SES Plugin

Configure your SES plugin by entering the Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, region and from email address. The from email address should be of the same domain as verified in SES. So if your verified domain is - your from email address can be any of,, etc...

Click Add when done.

SES Details

Verify SES Email Plugin

1. Navigate to admin section

Click Admin on the left navbar


2. Navigate to plugins section

Search for plugins and click on the plugins card. This will take you to the list of plugins


3. Open SES Plugin

Locate and click the SES plugin you have created.

SES Plugin

3. Test SES Plugin

Enter your email address in the input box under "Send Test Mail" and click "Send Test Mail". You should receive a test email from Chakra Campaigns.

Test Mail